A First World fight for survival...
Unreal Engine 5.4
Created in UE5.3, using a couple of UE assets; PCG Biome: River Generator for the swamp area and Karim Abou Shousha Under Water BP for the underwater scene.
Rendered with Lumen
Rendered in UE5.3 using Pathtracer using Epic Marketplace and Megascans assets. Cinema4d/Xparticles animation and simulation.
African Savannah environment, created with Unreal Engine 5.3
Rendered with Lumen.
Assets from Marketplace + Quixel Megascans
Experimental Automotive Lighting Exercise.
UE5.3_Lumen - After Effects
Created with UE5 Procedural Content Generation tools Rendered with Lumen
UE5.2, Metahumans, CC4
Cinematic work for Biggie's Metaverse, The Brook, UE4
Mood and lighting exercise with Unreal Engine 5.3
My first MHA test.
UE5+C4D+AE_Mocap with Move.ai
UE5 + Move.ai
UE5 cinematic for Cornerstones' Companions NFT collection
Elora Cinematic. UE5+AE
Metahuman Animator. CC4+UE5+AE
Fun with fabrics!
UE4_Random Stuff.
Unreal Engine rendering experiment UE4.26
Unreal Engine 4